Peaceful Protester In An “I Can’t Breathe” Shirt Arrested At Trump’s Tulsa Rally

A woman named Sheila Buck was arrested at Donald Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally on Saturday after sitting on the ground in protest while wearing a shirt that read “I can’t breathe.” The moment was caught as it happened live on MSNBC, who were broadcasting live from outside the BOK Center, according to Buzzfeed News. She was approached by Tulsa police, who told her to leave or she’d be removed.

“I have a ticket,” she responded, and was told they’d handcuff her. Moments later they followed through, taking her a short distance and handcuffing her.

“They’re arresting me! They’re arresting me!” Buck yelled to the reporters following her. “I’ve done nothing, I have tickets to this thing.”

Buck identified herself as a Tulsa resident. When Trump announced his rally would take place in Tulsa on June 19th, it was seen as a deliberate and spitefully malicious move. The Tulsa Massacre was an event in which hundreds of Black men, women, and children were murdered by the KKK as the predominantly Black and wealthy town of Tulsa was looted and burned. June 19th is otherwise known as Juneteenth, a day that celebrates the Union army coming to Galveston, Texas, to tell enslaved people that the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed—two years earlier.

Juneteenth is generally a day of celebration. Trump choosing that date and location was seen as an insult to the Black community, and Black Lives Matter protestors who have been gathering in every state for weeks to protest racist police violence. Buck’s shirt is both a reference to the murder of Minneapolis man George Floyd and to the death of Eric Garner, a man killed by police on Staten Island in 2014. Both men told the officers choking them, “I can’t breathe” before dying.

Later on Saturday, the Tulsa police posted about their arrest of Buck and said that they’d done it at the request of Trump campaign staff, and stated that Buck was in a private area of the rally:

👮‍♂️Arrest Made👮‍♂️This morning at 11:30 am Tulsa Police were requested by Trump Campaign Staff to remove an...

Posted by Tulsa Police Department on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Many people thanked Buck for showing up to a place where she would be facing a great deal of hostility to stand up for what she believed in:

Sheila Buck used her privilege to stand up for something he believed in and she got arrested for it. Wonder what Trump will tweet about her?