Woman With Sick Husband Shares The “Cheapest” Health Insurance Plan Available To Them

On Dec. 15, Twitter user Lori (@iCounterSpin) showed how crushing and cruel our healthcare system is to those who rely on it to survive. In a post paired with a screenshot of a healthcare plan, Lori writes:

“I’m in tears. My husband is so sick, our debt costs more than we make each month and here’s the best (cheapest) plan available to me to keep my husband alive this coming year. There is no way I can afford this. No way.”

The plan is listed as “Bronze,” which are typically high premium/high deductible plans on the healthcare marketplace. The premium for this specific plan is $18,000 a year.

In the thread, Lori revealed one of their sons is also sick, but not as sick as their husband.

Twitter users immediately flooded Lori’s mentions, offering sympathy, advice, and support.

@Bimericangirl tried to get the attention of politicians and celebrities who are vocal about universal healthcare.

A few non-Americans commented on how confusing and infuriating this is compared to the healthcare they’re used to.

While others weren’t helpful. At all.

Some people even shared their own healthcare horror stories.

People asked Lori about a GoFundMe option and instead, Lori encouraged people to donate to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, one of the candidates that supports Medicare For All.