Passive-aggressive notes are embarrassing enough when you leave them for a roommate, but this business owner decided to leave a passive-aggressive note for the hire-ble population in their entire community. A sign shared on r/AntiWork Reddit by u/EggsAndMilquetoast is almost too stupid to be real, which is how you know it probably is.

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The Redditor who posted it, captioned the photo, “I bet it’s posted right next to a sign complaining that no one wants to work anymore.”

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u/EggsAndMilquetoast /Reddit

The sign reads:

Job applicants, please note:

We do not hire LIBERALS.

This is not because we disagree with their political views.

It is because working here requires superior reasoning, logic and reading comprehension skills, and in our experience, liberals are deficient in those areas.

We have found that they make decisions based on their emotions, not logic. This would be very detrimental to our business.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Totally. Nothing less emotional than posting a butt-hurt sign about your discriminatory hiring practices on the front door for all to see. Unfortunately, in the U.S. an employer could definitely get away with firing you for your political beliefs, but openly admitting to them in such a documentable way might have repercussions. At the very least, you will get made fun of a lot on Reddit:

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Employers are supposedly experiencing a labor crisis at the moment, so if anything, most liberals would probably be glad for the early warning rather than inconvenienced. No need to work hard or lie to get a job at this horrible place—plenty of other horrible places need workers!

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*First Published: November 24, 2021, 7:05 am