6-Year-Old Cries Because She Has To Wear Glasses, So Fellow Glasses-Wearers Show Her Love

As we are reminded daily, the internet can be a cruel place. But sometimes the clouds of acrimony and countertrolling part long enough for a glimmer of human kindness to shine through and we can all share a collective “aww” before returning to our cynical routines.

Stephen Black recently tweeted that his six-year-old niece was upset about needing glasses and asked the peanut gallery to help cheer her up.

An army of bespectacled strangers responded with a barrage of wholesome pictures that prove glasses are what you make them.

Many of the photos people sent to cheer Olivia up were of their very studious-looking dogs.

Others demonstrated that the practical applications of glasses go beyond improving eyesight.

Black said he was “overwhelmed” by the response and promised to show all of the confidence-boosting messages to his niece and to even print them in a book so she can read them (with her new glasses of course.)