A woman on Twitter with three followers managed to end up on Reddit’s Murdered By Words forum for getting spectacularly owned by an account for a ski resort that has closed its doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Twitter user “gomax” must have thought she was being such a hero by replying to a tweet mentioning their closing by telling them that they have “no balls.”

This individual is one among many who is outraged by businesses following state orders to close down during the pandemic to prevent additional spread of the virus and save lives. Unfortunately for her, this particular business’ social media department is made up of 100 percent cisgender women.

Of course, genitalia has nothing at all to do with courage or toughness or the desire to make money even if it puts thousands of lives at risk, but the response still couldn’t get much better.

After suffering that devastating blow, “gomax” thought she could recover by replying to her own tweet with the fact that she, too, has no balls.

Yeah, that doesn’t actually change anything. Except maybe it makes your original tweet even more shameful. Are you also cowardly or somehow bad due to a lack of testicles?

On Reddit, commenters widely laughed at the illogical nature of implying that balls are required for courage or that staying open is courageous at all.

Maybe just delete your Twitter account and start over at this point.

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*First Published: May 8, 2020, 10:24 am