One TikToker’s comedic post about the Skims “Fits Everybody” Micro Thong and Micro Triangle Bralette has caused a stir on the social media platform after she gave a size comparison of the scraps of fabric held together with string to tortilla chips. The Skims clothing line comes from fashion mogul Kim Kardashian, and the size of the fabric — or lack thereof — comes as no surprise. 

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TikToker Sarah (@bbysarita) bought the matching set on sale for around $40 and couldn’t resist sharing the comparison photo for her followers.

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“So, if you’ve been eyeing the SKIMS micro bikini and wondering about the size, these are tortilla chips for scale,” Sarah said in the video, sharing the photo with a greenscreen filter. The fabric of the set was dwarfed by the three large tortilla chips placed on top of them.


The 28-year-old software engineer got the idea for the photo from her boyfriend and their best friend.

“My boyfriend Ryan and our best friend Sean were calling it the Dorito bikini when I wore the top initially,” Sarah said. “We were crying laughing at the size of the bottoms, and he pulled the tortilla chips out of the cabinet and made a comparison. The chips were bigger than all of the fabric on the bikini.”

Ryan snapped the photo and shared it with Sarah, who went on to post it to her social media accounts. It didn’t go viral, however, until she posted it to TikTok, where her initial video has over 8.4 million views and over 5.1k comments.

One commenter with over 20.7k likes wrote, “(opens bag of Doritos) skims dupe,” which made OP laugh.

Another TikToker commented, “I thought the chips were the design 😭😭”

Urban Decay even hopped into the comments section, saying, “pass the guac.” 

Many others understandably commented that there would be absolutely no coverage for them in a bikini that small, and some even said that the police would be called on them if they tried to wear it in public.

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There were also those who felt like the bralette, at least, would fit them perfectly.

One TikToker noted, “FINALLY A BRA FOR ME.”

In a follow-up video, Sarah put on the bikini set over clothing (because there’s no way TikTok would have let it slide otherwise), and it’s certainly laughable just how small it is.


Replying to @margenewilder also can’t imagine walking 10 steps in this

♬ original sound – bbysarita

“I laughed very hard at how small it was,” Sarah told Insider. “I was surprised at how small the bottoms were, especially when I tried them on over clothes. It was all string.”

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*First Published: February 1, 2023, 7:18 am