south korea quarantine

Man Shows What South Korean Quarantine Facilities Are Like And Americans Are Envious

If you feel despair about coronavirus ever going away, try and convert that feeling into being totally outraged that the government is failing the citizens of the U.S. so terribly. Many other countries have managed to get their act together and institute real quarantine, mask mandates, and offer financial support to people so they can stay home instead of spreading the virus. The U.S. doesnโ€™t want to do that for so many reasons, some of which seem to be related to incompetence, but many of which seem to be related to the rich wanting to hold onto their money, even if hundreds of thousands of people die.

Many of us are already angry, but there is a contingent of people who just donโ€™t understand that they deserve government provisions in a crisis. It is not only deserved, it is absolutely possible. Letโ€™s take, for instance, what happens in South Korea when someone needs to be quarantined.

Writer @ChappellTracker shared a TikTok made by @heyimpeachy about their time in a government quarantine facility in that country. Itโ€™s a revelation.

They wake up in a hotel room with a view:

south korea quarantine

Breakfast is left bagged outside his door:

south korea quarantine

Announcements are aired in multiple languages explaining quarantine:

south korea quarantine

He watches TV:


Teaches himself Thai:

Dinner is at six:

south korea quarantine

He puts his trash in the hall:

south korea quarantine

Works on music:

And itโ€™s time for bed:

Can you imagine our government doing any one of these things? Most people in the comments could not, which is a sad commentary on how we view the people in charge of keeping us alive:

There are a lot of different directions that the U.S. can go in the coming months and years, and it depends on the people demanding accountability and care from their elected officials. One of the first steps is realizing that we deserve more because so much more is possible.