South Korea started out as one of the epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic, but they quickly got the outbreak under control by issuing a national stay-at-home order early and becoming a world leader in testing for the virus. Experts credit South Korea’s early aggressive action with flattening their curve in early March (although the country has experienced a slight uptick recently).

Part South Korea’s success combatting coronavirus? Incredible quarantine care packages.

Rather than just asking infected people to self-quarantine and leaving them to take care of themselves, the South Korean government sent packages containing non-perishable food, produce, masks, hand sanitizer, and other essentials, as well as helpful information and a nice letter wishing them a speedy recovery. That way, potentially contagious people don’t need to leave their homes at all.

Images of one person’s care package showed up on Imgur last week and spread via Reddit, impressing people around the world who are waiting out the pandemic under less proactive governments that don’t send them care packages.

Other images of South Korean care packages were unearthed from around a month ago along with more details about the nation’s response, including the fact that self-quarantined citizens each get a caseworker assigned to them who checks in on them twice per day.

“I got a call from a dedicated case officer today that will check in on me twice a day every day during my quarantine,” wrote Reddit user TheMemeChurch. “Mentioned they would drop off some supplies later that day which I thought would be some hand sanitizer and a box of tissues. Boy, was I wrong!”

The care packages even came with instructions for safe garbage disposal, detailing how to disinfect garbage bags once they’re full and who to call to come safely dispose of the potentially contagious trash. This is part of the reason South Korea is recovering while countries like the U.S. haven’t yet seen the peak of the curve.

Even the encouraging letter, roughly translated by the South Korean Imgur user, is impressive.

“For people who are currently suffering from the Corona-19 virus, we send our regards and sympathy,” it reads. “We (the food ministry?) is sending this ‘environment-friendly health package’ constructed with environment-friendly crops. We hope this helps you get energy for your daily routine. Furthermore, we hope you get well soon to return to your daily life. You can do it! Fight it! Go South Korea!”

Go South Korea, indeed.

People around the world are expressing their appreciation, and some jealousy, for how well the country has taken care of its people during this pandemic, holding it up as an example that other nations should really be following right now (ahem).

Who’s the greatest nation on Earth again?

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*First Published: April 7, 2020, 11:54 am