If there’s a conversation topic that gets people riled up, it’s money. Now, through in a little relationships discussion on top of it, and you got yourself a Twitter debate. Twitter user @MxKantEven threw down her hot take to her followers and they walked right across the coals to fight about it.

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“I know this won’t be a hot take for people with sense but: The division of financial responsibility in a relationship should be equitable, not equal,” she declared. “If you make 3x what your partner does, you should pay more because you can. Do a 2:1 split, and cover 70% of the bills.”

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She wasn’t done there. This equity versus equality talk was applied to friendships as well.

“THIS EXTENDS TO YOUR FRIENDS AND (CHOSEN) FAMILY TOO,” she added. “Cuz the way some of y’all treat the loved ones in your lives is f—king deplorable. It’s literally just money, and if you’ve got it, there’s no reason to be so fucking stingy with it.”

Well, there are about a million addendums or exceptions that could be added to these statements, and the replies are full of them. While some people were in total agreement:

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Others were surprised to hear that couples don’t just all throw their money into one big bank account and share and share alike instead of counting every penny each person made:

But some people pointed out that this can be a dangerous proposition. If you have a joint account and terrible partner, they could pretty easily drain your account and pop off.

Plus, when there’s no specific “fun money” account for each person, you might find yourself getting annoyed with the other person’s purchases—or getting annoyed at them for getting annoyed with your spending.

Most people seemed to think it wasn’t hard to reach a reasonable compromised with someone you cared about and that financial fortunes can go up and down in a long term relationship.

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Once again, an issue in a relationship, even a financial one, comes down to communication. Talk about what you have, what you expect, and what seems reasonable to you both. Before you sign a lease or open that joint account. And spring for a margarita for a friend now and then if you got the dough!

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*First Published: August 5, 2021, 6:04 am