Dad Wins Mark Hamill's Attention With Tweet About How His Toddler Pronounces 'Star Wars' Names

Dad Wins Mark Hamill’s Attention With Tweet About How His Toddler Pronounces ‘Star Wars’ Names

Brian Altano has been getting his 20-month-old daughter started on Star Wars early in life. A perfectly wonderful choice to make, even if there’s a lot—a lot—she won’t quite be able to understand just yet.

And even what she can understand, she may not be able to repeat back in a particularly perfect way. After all, kids under the age of two aren’t exactly known for their firm grasp on the English language. But they are known for saying the darnedest things, and that’s where this young one is winning over the internet.

Altano shared a graphic he made, displaying the names his daughter calls each of the characters.

“My 20-month old daughter is really into Star Wars children’s books and toys right now (which is awesome!) but the way she’s been saying the names of everything is my favorite part,” he tweeted.

Some of the “names” are somewhat understandable, and others are just hilarious.

Calling Rey “Reee” sure makes sense, and “Bibbi” for BB-8…we can see how she got there. But you gotta love reducing the fearsome Jabba the Hutt to “Dadba” and iconic hero Han Solo to nothing more than “Ham.”

And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite Jedi and least favorite celebrity-run lifestyle brand — Goop.


While people from across Twitter had great responses to the proud papa sharing his kid’s mispronounced enthusiasm, nothing beat the response from Mr. Goop himself, Mark Hamill.

“You’re never too young to be a Dah Wahs fan,” Hamill wrote, mimicking the toddler’s apparent pronunciation. “Please hug your 20-month-old daughter for me! Love always, Goop.”

Hopefully, the kid is still as into Star Wars when she’s old enough to appreciate this wonderful souvenir. But if not, dad certainly will.

“And because the universe can be a wonderful place sometimes, @HamillHimself (aka Goop Skywalker himself!) tweeted about my kid saying Star Wars names,” Altano wrote, “which I promptly got framed and put up in her room.”

The force is strong with this one!