roast of the 50 state flags by Matt Buechele on Twitter

Man Hilariously Roasts All 50 State Flags In Just Over 2 Minutes

A video posted to Twitter by comedian Matt Buechele not only roasts all of the state flags, but provides a nice educational moment. Because chances are you do not know how to identify every state flag.

(If you do know how to identify the state flags, congrats.)

The two-minute, 19-second video shows images of all the state flags with a voiceover. And Matt wants you to know that if you don’t like your state flag’s joke, then too bad.

Alabama: This flag literally says “no”.

Alabama flag

Arizona: This just looks like North Korean propaganda

arizona flag

Indiana: The stars represent all the people who have fled Indiana for a better life.

indiana state flag

Maryland: This looks like the flag for Robot Island.

Maryland State Flag

Mississippi: This is a little racism, but make it chic.

mississippi state flag

North Dakota: This eagle looks like he could be playing Settlers of Catan.

north dakota flag

Ohio: This flag looks like it got shrunk in the laundry.

ohio flag

And, let’s not forget New Mexico, the only state flag that did not get roasted.

new mexico flag

According to Wikipedia, the symbol on the New Mexico state flag is the red sun symbol of the Zia people, and highlights the state’s “Native American Pueblo and Nuevo México Hispano roots.”

As we mentioned previously, the post is full of educational moments, like this Twitter user, who pointed out Oregon’s flag has two (2!!!) sides to it.

The Oregon flag wasn’t the only major reveal here, either.

Luckily, we got the answer we were looking for.

We’d like to request a sequel, please.