One of the downsides to OnlyFans is that creators simply aren’t going to know who all is subscribed to and viewing their content. And one woman says she figured out far too late that her stepdad was not only among her fans, but actually requesting custom content along the way.

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Tai (@ta1laaa) has shared a truncated version of the story of how she says she discovered her stepdad was subscribed to her OnlyFans in the past, but a recent series of TikToks really took off as people were horrified by her account.

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The content creator was clued in to what was going on when someone with the same very specific username as an OnlyFans subscriber she chatted with everyday viewed her TikTok profile — and the site listed them as someone from her contacts. She went through everyone in her phone and crossed out the people who already had TikToks she knew about, or who the platform said did not have an account, and was left with six names.

“One of them was my stepdad, and I just went with my gut,” she explained.

Tai then messaged the user on OnlyFans, saying she knew who they were and suggesting they tell “her,” meaning her mother, before she and her sister did. Moments later, she got a text from her stepdad.


Turned into something it shouldnt have 👀 last video i swear #fyp #viral #drama #tea #scandal

♬ original sound – Tai 🖤

Long story short, he eventually tried to claim he subscribed for her “welfare” and that it just “turned into something that it shouldn’t have,” but Tai says her mom wasted no time in kicking him right out of the house.


He then showed up at a friends house for the night and lied to them about the whole thing 🤡 #viral #fyp #drama #tea #scandal

♬ original sound – Tai 🖤
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“I know what you’re all thinking. Stepdad fantasy, could have made content from it, blah blah blah,” she said. “This man had been in my life since I was 11 years old and spent $2000 on custom content, every single video that I sent out… But yeah, if you want to talk about family trauma, my stepdad watched me have s-e-x with my partner for two months.”

Tai also detailed some of the custom content he would request, and admitted he sent her a dick pic at one point for her to rate — something that was ultimately used to confirm what was going on with her mother.

It’s deeply horrifying to imagine that level of betrayal happening in your own family, related by blood or not, and viewers were disgusted at the idea of it.

“Wow. He’s a sick person,” @djfisher18 wrote. “His reputation is over.”

“that means he’s been looking at you in that way since day one…a warning to all mothers here for sure,” @shelly_78_ suggested.

“I feel like the bizarre nature of this situation detracts from what an absolute betrayal this was for you, and I’m so sorry you experienced it,” @greeneggsanddamnn added.

Some people did question whether Tai’s story was true or not, but other commenters claimed this sort of thing is more common than folks may expect.

“You’d be shocked at how often this type of thing happens to OF models,” wrote @sumphiee. “I had my friends boyfriends subbed to mine that I had no idea about.”

“it’s actually really common for OF people to have friends and family subscribe,” @h0neyb0nes agreed.

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And that is definitely not something anyone should have to think about.

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*First Published: May 25, 2023, 7:44 am