Stephen King Facing Backlash On Twitter For Saying He “Doesn’t Consider Diversity In Matters Of Art”

Stephen King, you are supposed to be with us. The horror genre icon recently posted to Twitter about the lack of diversity in the recent Academy Awards nominations. In two tweets, King admitted he had an opportunity to nominate films in up to three categories.

The follow-up tweet is where the author majorly stuck his foot in his mouth, explaining that he “would never consider diversity in matters of art.”

That’s… not a great take. Especially when, once again, women like Greta Gerwig and Melina Matsoukas got shut out of the Best Director category.

It has been four years since #OscarsSoWhite demanded the Academy add more diversity in their nominations. While we’ve seen success here and there (Moonlight, Spike Lee and Jordan Peele, Black Panther and Regina King), especially in the 2019 awards, the 2020 nominations are a giant step back. Actors of color had a phenomenal year in film, but Awkwafina, Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Murphy, Lupita Nyong’o, Melina Matsoukas and Jamie Foxx were all snubbed, despite their critically acclaimed, buzzed-about performances. Twitter users were, rightfully, upset with King’s admission.

One Twitter user pointed out how writers—like Stephen King—are essential to creating diverse stories.

Writer, director, and activist Ava DuVernay chimed in on King’s Oscars take.

DuVernay got a response from King, but not a good one.

Fellow writer and activist Roxane Gay also called out King for his comments.

As did many others on Twitter.

King later backtracked in a later tweet, where he supported diverse voices and stories.