In a world where there seems to be little cause to celebrate the machinations of the political system, the news that Rep. Steve King lost his primary bid in Iowa was very welcome. Instead, Republican voters chose GOP state Sen. Randy Feenstra, NPR reports, another conservative Republican politician with a terrible voting record—but one who is not openly in favor using the terms “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” to describe himself, unlike King.

Even Donald Trump once called King “the world’s most conservative human being,” which is really saying something. In the last election, King was elected by only 3 percentage points when he was running against Democrat J.D. Scholten. And District 4 is very red. Other conservatives batted King’s vile words at him like he was a racist piñata and he raised only a third of the money as Feenstra.

Will Feenstra be a voice for reform or anything other than another Trump mouthpiece? Probably not, but ding-dong the Grand Wizard is dead:


Though some fear that King will be resurrected somehow, since the entertainment industry is addicted to putting monstrous political figures, like Sean Spicer, back on the air in a frilled shirt:

Let’s forget Steve King forever as a popped pustule on the face of history, and turn our attention back to the people who will now be making decisions about the future of Iowa and the country. Like Feenstra, who was congratulated by Trump on Wednesday:

There are still elections coming up, many important elections, and the opportunity to knock the slightly less awful GOPers out of office:

Celebrate today and fight for better tomorrow!

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*First Published: June 3, 2020, 7:02 am