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Steve King Got Tricked Into Calling Himself A White Supremacist, And Twitter Is Delighted

In what is an easy contender for Troll of the Year, a reporter for The Young Turks tweeted a request at Republican Representative Steve King for him to give a shout out to his uncle, “Col. Nathan Jessup,” whom he said “in the Marines and spending the 4th overseas keeping our nation safe.”

Of course, Colonel Nathan Jessup is the iconic villain of the film A Few Good Men played by Jack Nicholson. The reporter, Ken Klippenstein, even included a photo of Nicholson as the character, but King still took the bait.

It’s a good thing people got screenshots of King’s embarrassment, because he did indeed delete the post before blocking Klippenstein.

Steve King, who just might be the most blatantly racist member of the U.S. Congress, has no one to blame but himself for this. The character name, the photo, the fact that Klippenstein has a verified account, the fact that King could have taken a second to hover over Klippenstein’s name to see that he works for The Young Turks – there were so many available clues that he was being trolled.

The reporter even added an additional clue after King gave the shoutout by changing his Twitter name to “Steve King is a white supremacist.” But it was probably all the mockery that resulting in his name trending for a bit on Thursday that clued him in and caused him to remove the tweet.

This trolling was so savage that it’s now been immortalized on King’s Wikipedia page.

Today, there is still a tweet up on Steve King’s page that also appears to have been a bait and switch situation. While King did not respond to the question about what the X on the Betsy Ross flag is for seriously, it’s unclear whether he’s yet noticed that the individual who asked the question has changed his Twitter name to “Steve King drinks pee pee.”

Now that King has been hilariously trolled twice, everyone who’s anyone is jumping on board.

It never gets old.