Shots from Stewart Reynolds' videos mocking US anti-gun control arguments

Canadian Comedian Drags America With Videos Mocking Pro-Gun Arguments

Stewart Reynolds, known as one of Twitter’s favorite Canadian comedians “Brittlestar,” has drawn attention with remarkably simple yet entirely spot-on videos mocking U.S. gun culture and the arguments commonly made by those against the idea of any kind of gun control.

He makes satirical videos on a regular basis, but the ones on gun control tweeted out shortly after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton are particularly biting and relevant.

The first one, tweeted on August 4 and titled “STICKS ARE COOL!” shows how absurd the anti-gun control arguments are when applied to any other situation.

“What about banning sticks entirely from your house?” Reynolds asks other Reynolds, playing a man whose kids won’t stop hitting each other with sticks.

“What? No, we couldn’t do that,” says the Reynolds representing the U.S. “Sticks are cool.”

He then made and tweeted another video two days later specifically targeting arguments made by Donald Trump and others that video games are to blame for the nation’s many, many mass shootings. In this one, his dog keeps eating food off of the counter.


“‘Maybe it’s because you leave food on the counter,'” Reynolds recounts pet professionals telling him, “but we just knew it wasn’t our fault. Finally it dawned on us. The problem was video games.”

Speaking to HuffPost, Reynolds expressed that he’s unsure if U.S. gun culture can ever be changed, but he felt he could at least help point out how bad some of the anti-gun control logic is.

“Video games have been blamed for all bad behavior since they were invented,” he said. “Though I’m not a fan of violent video games, I know that their popularity in various countries doesn’t correlate to the level of gun violence. So blaming video games seems almost like a red herring. It becomes comical.”

“It’s literally the least I can do to try to make the world a bit better.”

Whether or not it’s helping the world, it is at least bringing many people some joy during these dark times.

Before board games or movie, people blamed mass violence on violent books. We don’t know what people did before the printing press was invented.