A Store In Denmark Has Figured Out How To Stop People From Hoarding Sanitizer

The rise of COVID-19 has brought out the worst in some people. Even before people were getting shelter in place orders they were fighting over essential supplies like hand soap and hand sanitizer. Also toilet paper, an item that no one needed desperately until they started hoarding it. That’s the problem with hoarding: once you start, you make it very difficult for anyone else to get that product, which leads to more hoarding and panic-buying.

It’s not a rational response. People think with enough sanitizer their hands will be clean and safe. With a global pandemic, we actually need everyone’s hands to be clean and safe. We need lots of people to be healthy, because even the richest most hoarder-y family can’t exists disconnected from this situation forever, unless Grey Gardens is aspirational for them.

But how do you make people wise up and be fair? Well, a supermarket in Denmark called Rotunden has found a way, according to Bored Panda. Twitter user @_schuermann shared a picture of a sign in the market that reads one bottle of sanitizer costs 40 DKK ($4.09), but two bottles cost 1,000 DKK ($95).

People think this is a smashing idea, and would like to see it instituted with a number of items:

They also shared a letter on Facebook explaining their decision and new policies to control the mayhem inside.

“Dear customers: We have a great responsibility to keep the business running, and we can only do that with everyone’s help and understanding. I can help in the following way: We ask all customers to respect the distance between each other and our co-workers; Sprinkle (likely sanitize or wash) hands off at the entrance and use gloves; If you are a family, please allow only one person to purchase the purchases if possible; There may be times when we limit how many customers we accept in the store at one time. We will keep you informed about any operating changes on Facebook. Take care and thank you for your understanding.”

And there’s an upbeat message from the owner in which he explains their new policies against some upbeat music:

English version for our Expat customers.❤️ take care and help us to help you!

Posted by Rotunden - Hellerup Foodmarket on Thursday, March 19, 2020

This even includes plastic gloves and hand sanitizer at the door. Can you even imagine if we had the organization and support for that amongst our grocery stores in the U.S.? If you can’t, try imagining not taking everything off the shelf that someone else might need.

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