Taco Cart Owner Responds To Man’s Harsh 1-Star Review Over $1.68 Taco

Running a small business is rough and there are fewer businesses smaller than a street taco stand. Even the food it serves is small. But they have big taste and are usually pretty reasonably priced, sometimes even cheap (yet filling). People still have pretty high expectations of tacos. Some might say unreasonable.

For example, this guy who left a review of a small taco stand business called Chino Tacos. The review was screenshot by Redditor u/F—kLuxury and posted to the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars. That’s usually where people go to mock people who are both cheap as hell and incredibly entitled.

Like this dude, who didn’t like the one taco he bought for $1.68. He wrote:

“Got a street taco for $1.68 and it had 5 piece of beef on it. Horrible service. Not a good amount for what you pay. But they give you 2 corn tortillas with almost no meat and pile onions and cilantro on it. I asked why so little meat and he wouldn’t even acknowledge what I was saying like $1.68 was cheap. Will not return. It doesn’t matter what your building cost you! You chose to run an business and short change the customers. If You can’t serve the community properly for what you charge then don’t try and run a business. Luckily I only had  1 taco!! Worthless.”

via Reddit

The screenshot also captured the owner’s response, which is basically an MBA in a paragraph:

Tacos $1.68 each and you paid with credit card. I forgot to tell you the food cost.

Tortilla $0.05 meat $0.05 now you know how much I made to sale this taco

Credit card charge me $0.28

I put it in the box for you, cost me $0.05

Employee cost $0.50

Electric cost $0.04

Gas cost $0.02

Salsa, onion, cilantro, Pico de gallo, on your taco cost me $0.1

Rent the building cost me $0.30

Sale tax cost me $0.13

Total me to make that taco $1.42

Net profit $0.26

When you buy one taco and pay with credit card, I don’t make any money

For some reason, I doubt the cheapo reviewer cares much about the taco stand’s overhead expenditures. But it is a good lesson in how much it can cost a business to run a card through the machine. As commenters pointed out, many businesses are afraid not offering credit card payment at all will drive off business, so many of them set those pesky minimums on charges:

Either way, $1.68 is really cheap for a taco. You’re lucky to get any meat at all at those prices.