A tattoo lover and model went viral on TikTok after asking followers if she was overreacting when she walked out of a tattoo appointment with an unfinished outline because the artist started making creepy, mean comments about her body. It got so bad that she made up an excuse, paid the guy $200 for fear that he’d get violent if she refused to pay, and had a panic attack in her car before making the video.

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According to Dalina, a popular user on both TikTok and Instagram for her modeling of her incredible body art, the man who was inking her new tattoo got weird the moment she took her shirt off as instructed.

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“And he just starts talking about how unsymmetrical I was,” said Dalina in the viral TikTok video. “He starts calling my boobs ‘t–s.’ But, the last straw: I turn around, and he goes, ‘Ah, I get why I see you in the gym all the time. You got back rolls.'”

Speaking with BuzzFeed, she added that the tattoo artist told her to remove her shirt 20-30 minutes earlier than necessary, started talking about plastic surgeons, and then was completely dismissive when she told him that his comments were “extremely offensive.” When she tried to leave, he acted angry, and Dalina was afraid that he might become aggressive, especially when he started getting “rough” while inking her tattoo.

“He didn’t tell me I had to stay and get tattooed, but he became visibly annoyed,” she said. “I told myself to suck it up and get it over with. I didn’t want to start any trouble. But when he started my outline, he was being so rough when wiping away excessive ink. I felt like he was intentionally trying to make me feel smaller. That’s when it clicked that I had to go.”

It’s very common for women to put up with bad behavior from men out of fear of violence, as we’ve all heard stories of men doing so when challenged or even simply inconvenienced. This can be true even (or especially) when she knows the man, as Dalia did. She had met him at the gym when he came up to compliment her tattoos, gave her his card, and was friendly with her several times after that.

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“I thought he was being kind. He seemed genuine. Every time afterward he would wave at me or approach me saying things like ‘putting that work in I see’ or even fist bumping me with a ‘good job’ in the middle of my workouts.”

After posting her initial TikTok video, which now has over 15 million views, many women and other users assured her that she did the right thing by walking out, with some saying that this kind of thing is why they refuse to let men ink their body art.

“That man was all the way out of line. I’d be blasting his name to warn other women,” said one commenter.

“GIRL NO you are not being crazy!” wrote another. “That is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE and men in the tattoo industry like that are the reason why tattoo artists get such a bad rep! That is completely unprofessional and the whole ‘I can say what I want in my shop’ mindset is NOT OKAY.”

Thankfully, after posting about her terrible experience, a woman offered to finish her stomach tattoo free of charge, and the finished product looks amazing.


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Dalina also did end up naming the tattoo artist who harassed her, and he’s now getting flooded with angry women and other tattoo lovers on his Instagram page. Though some found this to be “going too far,” women have further pointed out that naming unsafe men so that others can avoid them is the only way to protect themselves from guys like this when the rest of society won’t help.

Based on the guy’s reviews, according to the top commenter on the viral video, the naming and shaming was a long time coming.

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“For those saying she crossed a line by giving his Intsa and name, look at the reviews, women have complained about him months before this.”

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*First Published: May 10, 2022, 1:29 pm