Teacher Dragged For Not Letting Kids Eat If They Don’t Bring Food To Class Party

One teacher is definitely not getting into the holiday spirit this season.

On Dec. 10, Facebook user Takaria Scott posted a teacher’s note sent home with their child. In it, the teacher writes if children do not bring a food item for the party, they will not be allowed to eat.

Teacher note

Takaria highlighted to section, where the teacher wrote: “My philosophy is: if they don’t bring anything they don’t eat anything.” The post has received more than 1,800 reactions, 3,000 comments and 6,300 shares on Facebook.

People were furious a teacher would put that much pressure on a child and parents who may not be able to afford to purchase food for an entire classroom.

teacher's note comments

teacher's note comments

teacher's note comments

Word about the note traveled to Twitter, where people had the same reactions.

Luckily, the note gained enough attention across social media that the Meridian Public School District’s superintendent addressed it in a Dec. 12 memo, posted on their Facebook page.

Meridian superintendent message

Facebook users were pleased with the school district’s prompt attention to the matter and support for the students.

apology letter responses