Bernie Sanders and Rashida Tlaib at a food pantry and Ted Cruz tweet

Ted Cruz’s Attack On Bernie Sanders And Socialism Falls Apart In The Face Of Facts

Ted Cruz is jumping on the “stupid tweets about socialism” bandwagon in an attempt to attack 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Rep. Rashida Tlaib, saying that people “line up for bread” under “socialism/communism.”

The video, which was originally tweeted by notorious Tea Party astroturf group FreedomWorks, shows Senator Sanders responding to a question about Donald Trump’s disastrous betrayal of our Kurdish allies in Syria while standing in front of some partially-empty shelves. Ted Cruz and FreedomWorks, a self-described “grassroots organization” founded by the Koch brothers, tried to pass this off as a grocery store. In fact, Sanders was visiting a Detroit food pantry for the poor.

The reality is that the U.S. has always had hungry people too poor to afford to put food on the table, many of whom have been forced to line up at places like this food pantry. According to Hunger Free America, around 15 million Americans suffer from food insecurity in the United States. Their situations worsen during economic recessions—the inevitable “bust” period of “boom-and-bust” capitalism. Everyone has seen photos of the actual bread lines from the Great Depression. Finally, Bernie Sanders isn’t a true socialist but rather supports a capitalist system with a more robust social safety net, similar to nearly every other wealthy nation on Earth.

These facts and more were pointed out to Ted Cruz several times over by the good people of Twitter.

Just stop trying, Ted.