Ted Cruz had another airport kerfuffle in recent days, this time resulting in security having to come deescalate the situation.

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The reviled senator was slated to take a flight out of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in Montana on Sunday, but apparently missed his check-in window. He reportedly got into an argument with the two airline employees at the ticketing counter after being told rebooking is currently difficult due to spring break.

Video of the encounter doesn’t allow for us to hear what Cruz is saying, but he seems irritated as he argues with the two women, and a subsequent short clip sees him seemingly a little more calm as a security guard has been brought over to diffuse things.

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“I wasn’t directly involved in the situation and I don’t work for the company involved. Just happened to be in the area when it happened,” the person who uploaded the video said in a follow-up. “It’s not an uncommon scene at the airport. An entitled ‘Karen’ misses their flight and demands special treatment. They deny any wrongdoing of their own and somehow come to the conclusion that it’s the airline’s fault that they missed their flight.”

They continued, suggesting that was the case with Cruz, reiterated that it’s a common scene, and added, “what is uncommon and unacceptable is when this behavior is displayed by an elected official.”

The senator’s last airport drama — the time he was spotted jaunting off to Cancun while his constituents froze — has already been brought up time and time again in light of this latest airport scene. And folks had plenty of other criticisms to bring about while they were at it, as well.

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A spokesperson for the airport told the Daily Mail that the Public Safety Officer who dealt with Cruz didn’t realize it was him until later, and added, “Once travel options were explained to the passenger, he was rebooked and departed Bozeman later that evening.”

The uploader, however, noted that Cruz was acting like “an entitled prick” and made “thinly veiled threats towards the employment of the people involved. Demanding their names and threatening to call corporate. Presumably to flex his political weight to punish the employees involved and/or receive special treatment.”

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How’s that working out, Teddy?

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*First Published: March 22, 2022, 6:04 am