Ted Cruz Claims Ukraine Meddled In 2016 Elections, Gets Laughed At On-Air

Republican Senator Ted Cruz must be starting a new job in comedy because his recent television appearance got some serious laughs. On NBC’s “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd on Sunday, he supported the theory that Ukraine influenced the 2016 presidential election, despite there being absolutely no evidence for this.

Cruz, despite not having actual information, says he thinks Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election.

As he says, “I think there’s considerable evidence,” you can hear laughter—definitely at him—from somewhere behind the camera. He later remarks again that Ukraine “blatantly interfered in our election,” followed by a bumbling attempt at providing proof (which he does by mentioning one single op-ed piece). At that point, Todd reminds Cruz that Trump actually creates “false narratives” to benefit himself.

Go on, you can laugh, too.

As Wall Street Journal reports, “…bipartisan Senate investigation found no evidence of any systematic effort by Ukraine to interfere.”  Yes, some Ukrainian officials supported Hillary Clinton, and Ukraine isn’t a huge fan of Trump’s BFF’s in Russia, but that doesn’t mean they interfered in the election.

Twitter’s outrage isn’t surprising, but it is all-too-common.

“Trump must be like herding a senile cat on roller skates skidding on ice…” for the win.