There’s no question that Texas is dealing with a crisis right now. The winter storms passing through have left millions without power, with burst pipes, no access to groceries or emergency services, and no clue when or how things are going to get better.

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People are literally freezing to death in the streets as the state’s infrastructure folds under the pressure of weather outside of the norm for the southern state.

And Ted Cruz allegedly just went on vacation.

Photos from the airport show someone many believe to be Cruz boarding a plane to Cancun with his family, in what looks to be an attempt to avoid the struggles his constituents are facing—and avoid doing anything to help them.

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The images are unverified, but no one from the Senator’s camp has denied their authenticity, and Cruz’s colleague confirmed that “the photos speak for themselves.”

Meanwhile, Texans are seething over the possibility that Cruz abandoned them in their time of need.

Cruz could be organizing relief for those in dire need, working with fellow Texas politicians to address the issues that allowed the devastation these storms have brought, or even simply showing solidarity with his constituents. 

The fact that he appears to have chosen to look out for his own well-being and comfort instead is no surprise, but it’s pretty high on the extensive list of reprehensible things Cruz has done in office — assuming it’s true.

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Cruz has always been easy to mock, but the anger bubbling underneath the surface at the likelihood of him abandoning the people he is supposed to serve in a time of dire need is palpable.

Obviously, Cruz’s office has still neither confirmed nor denied the Senator’s whereabouts.

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*First Published: February 18, 2021, 6:45 am