Televangelist Jim Bakker

Televangelist Says Supporting Trump Is A “Test” Of Who Is A True Christian

Considering everything that Donald Trump has done that goes against what Jesus taught, all the commandments he’s broken, and generally all the stuff he’s said and done that seems to be against Christian beliefs, how can any Christians still support him? Long-time televangelist and Trump supporter Jim Bakker has the answer. Trump is “a test [of] whether you are even saved.”

“Only saved people can love Trump,” Bakker says in a video posted by Right Wing Watch. “No, you gotta be really saved! You gotta forgive! You gotta be able to forgive…you forgive when you’re saved!”

In spite of the laughter from the audience, Bakker seems to be entirely serious in this assertion.

Trump has done so many bad things in his life and especially during his time in power that even moderate Evangelical Christians are turning on him, like the editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, who published an article calling for his removal from office. However, many far-right Evangelical leaders have remained firmly in the Trump camp in spite of (or because of) his actions.

Jim Bakker, for example, makes for a perfect Trump fan, being no stranger to financial scams himself. In 1989, the televangelist was convicted on eight counts of mail fraud, 15 counts of wire fraud, and one count of conspiracy after his fundraising scam was exposed by reporters. He was sentenced to eight years in prison, of which he served five, and then quickly went back to televangelism. For some reason, people still listen to him.

Well, some people listen to him. Others only think about him when it’s time for mockery.

Jim Bakker is a test of the human capacity for patience.