Denise Bradley, also known as Aunt Karen, uses her TikTok platform to expose racism. And she has a new video focusing on a top-level financial executive for her alleged refusal to hire Black people. Bradley shared a Skype chat message from Eileen Cure, who is an LPL Financial advisor and the president of Cure & Associates.

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In the message, Cure allegedly said, “I wanted to tell you I specifically said no blacks. I’m not a prejudiced person but our clients are 90% white and I need to cater to them. So that interview was a complete waste of my time, so please don’t second guess me or go against what I ask. Listen to me and give me what I ask for please.”

Bradley shared Cure’s contact information and requested that her followers demand action: “The devil works hard, but we work harder, and I’m concerned for the applicant that she’s turned away. If this is true, she is practicing discrimination and we need to hold her accountable,” Bradley said in the video.

Following allegations of Cure’s racist hiring practices, many employees reportedly resigned. And in a follow-up video, Bradley explained that Cure said she would not write recommendations for those who left.

“If you decide to resign as Sara, Logan and Nolan have, I will not give you a good reference and I will not sign off on any internships or CPA hours. The firm is in crisis today,” Cure allegedly said in a chat message. 

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Cure spoke with The Daily Dot and said that the racist chat messages are “unauthenticated” and that Bradley’s TikToks are “false and defamatory.”

In a recent TikTok, Bradley said that Cure is “trying to silence her voice.”

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*First Published: August 7, 2021, 8:28 am