Inflation has been hitting a lot of people hard, impacting everything from the cost of rent, gas, groceries, and other every day items that we can’t do without. And now TikTokers are drawing attention to the issue by pointedly posting videos calling out prices of individual items.

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Insider first noticed the trend, which frequently seems to be focused on pointing out skyrocketing prices when it comes to groceries and other necessities.

One particularly upsetting video shows a comparison between what $100 would buy in terms of groceries back in 1990 vs what it buys now.

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While a decrease is expected over 22 years, it was still shocking to see just how massive the difference was. And it’s made even discouraging with the information that $1 in 1990 money is supposedly worth just $2.27 today — yet prices seem to have outpaced that.

Another TikTok calls out how frustrating it is to feel like you’re making progress towards financial stability only to have prices shoot up and throw you off your feet once again.

“Inflation’s so high that the dollar tree is now the dollar.25 tree,” the TikToker writes.

And another features a TikToker absolutely appalled at the price of garlic powder at Publix.

“Since when is garlic powder 10 motherf**king dollars?” she asked.

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Whether inflation is actually to blame for these prices or if there are more insidious things going on varies by item, manufacturer, and distributor, but the bottom line is that it’s causing problems for people every day. TikTokers calling that out may not innately make change, but it does make people feel like they’re not imagining how much more difficult affording basic goods has become.

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*First Published: August 15, 2022, 10:34 am