White Mother Throws Racial Slurs, Threatens Black Family While Holding Her Black Child

People are outraged after a TikTok video of a white mother carrying her Black child while throwing out racial slurs went viral.

According to a tweet shared by @melaninpurp, the woman was arguing with her child’s father’s side of the family at the time the video was taken. 

“I will have people come over here and get you killed, so don’t try me,” she says to someone on the phone, seemingly recounting a conversation she had with her child’s father.

Someone off-camera, potentially her child’s grandmother according to the tweet, tells her that that’s a threat. 

“Bitch, you’ll get killed, too, so shut up,” the white woman responds.

She then refers to the family as the N-word while addressing the person on the phone, her own Black child still in her arms.

A follow-up video reportedly showed the woman laying into her child’s father and continuing to shout the N-word as well as other racist things at both members of the family.

“You can call me all the [N-words] in the world, your daughter is half of it,” the grandmother said at one point.

The tweet containing that video has since been deleted because it included the phone number of the white woman raging in the videos.

Viewers were outraged both on behalf of the family and specifically on behalf of the child.

The whole situation was deeply disturbing.

And folks were outwardly questioning this white woman’s ability to parent this child.

According to @melaninpurp, Child Protective Services has gotten involved.

“They’re now doing an investigation/welfare check on the child,” she wrote.

The girl’s father also started a GoFundMe to try to get custody of his daughter, which has already reached its current goal.