Pretty much every version of social media has some variation of a “shower thoughts” account. You know the shower thoughts — those things that tend to pop into your brain while you’re showering, undistracted for once by electronics that can’t get wet, and nowhere else. Sometimes these thoughts can be rather profound, or expose the strangeness of the world and the way humans navigate it.

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Few thoughts are more fun to share on social media, where brief thoughts are often the most consumable, and so the term “shower thoughts” became a common part of the shared human lexicon. Cut to 2020, when one TikTok user decided to share his own shower thoughts every day for a year in individual videos with all of his day’s random ponderings from his bathing sessions.

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The year 2020, of course, was the ideal year for such a thing, as isolation and the general horror of the pandemic got us all thinking about life, the universe, and everything. TikTok user “DoubleJynx” had a particularly thoughtful year and was able to complete his mission of posting one video every day that contained questions like: “Why are there sidewalks in the movie Cars?”

Not every thought was pure gold, and some are really just puns, but many of them will get you thinking like you’re back in the shower again. Here are 25 of our favorite videos full of thoughts that made us stare into the middle distance:




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Day 34 of 365 shower thoughts – thanks to @atester56 for the submission! #foryou #showerthoughts #deepthoughts #mindblown

♬ MACINTOSH PLUS – David Jimenez




Day 62 of 365 shower thoughts – leave a submission for a chance to be featured! #foryou #showerthoughts #deepthoughts

♬ Stranger Things (Main Theme) – I Love TV Themes



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Day 127 of 365 shower thoughts #foryou #showerthoughts is there anyone I should collab with?

♬ MACINTOSH PLUS – David Jimenez

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*First Published: May 18, 2022, 12:52 pm