TikTok Shows Woman Asking Random Black Man For Drugs

A TikTok showing a woman trying to buy drugs off a random Black man is going viral amid claims of racial profiling.

The video was shared by @l.a123 earlier this week, and opens with him rolling down the window of his car to a woman who has approached him and asking what she needs.

“I’m trying to get a dime of weed,” she tells him, a roll of cash in hand.

“Are you a police officer?” he asks.

She say that no, she’s a Sicilian Gypsy, and lives “right there,” pointing off camera.

He takes the money from her, acting as if he’s going to get her drugs, and then drives off.

“This is my motherf—king money now,” he says to the camera seconds later. “Bitch, I don’t sell drugs!”


I don’t sell drugs lady walked up to my car 🤣😂😂😂😂🥴🥴🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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Comments on the video were largely in support of @l.a123 snatching up money from someone who just straight up assumed he sold drugs.

“Props to you for taking her money just cuz she racially profiled you, thinking you had drugs,” wrote @jan.soko.

Though some were sympathetic to the woman who just handed over a wad of cash to a stranger.

This is the second racial profiling TikTok that’s gone viral in recent days. Last week, an elderly white woman approached a Black man who was out shopping and asked him to wait to rob the store until she could finish checking out.

While shopping granny may not have learned anything from that incident (unless her grandkids showed her how to use TikTok, anyway), it seems likely the woman from this video will think twice before trying to buy drugs from a random Black person she sees on the street again.