After a number of TikTok videos made by health professionals were criticized for mocking patients or spreading bad health information, a pediatrician has finally made a good one. Dr. Nicole Baldwin is repping for vaccines with her video, set to the Cupid Shuffle, which lists out the many things that vaccines prevent and ending in the fact that they don’t cause autism.

Dr. Balwin’s dance is similar to one by a popular TikTok nurse who was widely dragged for spreading the false idea that “the best way to prevent STD’s is waiting for sex until marriage.” While multiple studies have shown that pushing abstinence is ineffective at best, Baldwin accurately points out that “vaccines prevent measles, polio, pertussis, hepatitis, influenza, HPV, meningitis, mumps…” The list goes on.

At the end, she presents what is perhaps the most important message: “Vaccines DON’T CAUSE AUTISM.”

Although Dr. Baldwin has received a lot of backlash from the anti-vaxx community, she has stood by her message and even pinned the video to the top of her Twitter account.

On the better end of the internet, this pediatrician has received a ton of praise and support from people dedicated to fighting misinformation about vaccines, including Chelsea Clinton.

Even better, Baldwin’s unwavering efforts have inspired other healthcare professionals to make accurately informative TikTok videos.

They’re not all gems, but they’ve got the spirit. Keep it up, docs.

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*First Published: January 22, 2020, 11:07 am