People Are Sharing The Obvious Things They Only Just Realized, Embarrassingly Late In Life

Life is full of so many mysteries, most of which we’ll never understand. It’s okay not to get the meaning of life, but what if you don’t understand why Eeyore is called Eeyore? Are you just not paying attention? That’s a question something everyone who commented on an r/AskReddit thread started by u/TheLunaLunatic has had to grapple with. They asked Reddit, “What super obvious thing did you only recently realize?”

I’m embarrassed to say that just reading this thread of responses, I learned a lot of super obvious things. Now I have to go and wonder about myself, and what else out in the wide world I don’t understand. Scroll through and discover something new. But don’t admit to anyone that you didn’t know it already.


That the Guinness beer company is responsible for the Guinness book of world records —brendan008


I thought a birthday suit was just your favorite outfit. Like, you save this special outfit for an celebratory occasion. Always got weird looks when I told people I was going shopping for my birthday suit. I wish I was joking. —ChappoBoppo


“Eeyore” is the noise donkeys make. —Danrobjim


Might just be a US thing but whatever: The measuring stick/pole on the inside of gas stations is for identifying the height of potential robbers. —GoldenBruhtado


A chef is called a chef in a restaurant because restaurants originated in France and ‘chef’ just means boss in French. —TheRaptureCircuit


Took me a long time to realize pay-per-view was actually words that described it (I’d never seen it written) —palmettofoxes


That you have to actually put together a trampoline. I’m 27 and i legitimately always thought they always just folded in half or something until recently someone said “it’s so difficult to pull the tarp across.” I had to pull my boyfriend aside to ask what the heck they were talking about. —SugarStunted


I just finished reading Dracula by Bram Stoker. At the end of the book, there was a little blurb about the author; Abraham Stoker. Bram is short for Abraham. I didn’t know that. —I-AM-SPARTA81


That in order to properly use a hand dryer, you have to rub your hands: I used to just put my hands under it and question why it was taking so long, but then I saw one of my friends rubbing their hands, and I felt stupid. —MyFakeNameIsGUS


Not me, but my mom was in college when she realized that it’s slivered almonds and not silvered almonds. —whysomanyemmas


In Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles, Henley sings

”there were Lines on the Mirror/Lines on her Face.

She pretended not to notice/she was caught up in the race.”

When I first heard it, I was 13 or so, and I was super deep. Also, my perception of the song never changed; I assumed they were talking about a cracked mirror reflecting her cracked psyche, and the race was the struggle to get by in life, which is something every 13 year old knows about.

About ten days ago I listened to it again and was like “son of a bitch they’re talking about cocaine” (I’m 31 now).

I texted my dad to inform him of my revelation, and he said, quote

”yeah no sh*t son.”

Then a few hours later…

”Hey son, you think that lady actually bought a stairway to Heaven?” —DerailusRex


That raincoats typically have bright colours so you’re easier to spot during heavy rain, not because raincoat designers have bad taste. —AvoidAtAIICosts


Ecuador is spanish for equator and the country is named so because yep….—dontfeedtheibis


I thought that Viagra just gave you an erection for a few hours straight. I did not realize that you had any control in the matter. I think the part where they say “if the erection lasts for more that four hours…” gave me this misconception. Learned this year that it does not work that way lol. (Female, 27) —BearBuzzed


When my son was young and ABBA’s Take a Chance on Me came on, I sang, “Jackie Chan Jackie Chan…”. My son sang it too. As an adult, he called me horrified. “MOM. YOU LIED TO ME ALL MY LIFE. I was driving and the Jackie Chan song came on. I turned it up and rolled down the windows and started to chant the song and realized THEY WERE NOT SINGING JACKIE CHAN. MY WHOLE CHILDHOOD WAS A LIE!” I haven’t laughed so hard in years. He still hasn’t forgiven me. —katherinez


Vert = green; Mont = Mountain. Put them together and you get Vermont (the Green Mountain state) —downvoteaway_idgaf7


When people said, “it’s a double-edged sword,” I thought the sword’s hilt was also a sword. Only until yesterday, it was explained to me by my brother that it was just sharp on both sides of the blade. —Bubcheeseburger


That a screensaver has a purpose and it literally saves your screen from an image being burned into it. I’m 37. —4e696b


‘The Los Angeles Angels’ is actually ‘The the angels angels’. —DiscoPino


I was playing Monopoly, and someone owned a load of properties all clustered together. I said “you’ve got a bit of a monopoly on that part of the board. Hey that’s funny, because we’re playing Monopoly, and you got a… oh I see now.” —Phase3isProfit


I always found it funny how ABBA songs fit the movie Mamma Mia so well … it took me years to figure out the movie was made around the songs. —janny124


That it would be easier to lift the cutlery basket out of the dishwasher to unload the cutlery while next to the cutlery drawer. Prior to seeing it on a reddit thread, I’d been leaving the basket in the dishwasher and grabbing as many of the cutlery out that I could manage in one go… —StormriderX8


Not really obvious but x% of y is equal to y% of x…So for example 4% of 75 isn’t really easy to figure out at first but if you switch the numbers to 75% of 4, the answer is 3 and that’s also your answer to 4% of 75. —Steveman2003


I realized that aquarium walls are reflective on the inside once they’re filled with water. I’ve kept a goldfish for the past decade, so I should have noticed, but goldfish also aren’t really territorial, so he never minded. I keep a betta fish now, and he’s very mad at his reflection. I only realized two weeks ago that he’d even have one….—Kangaroodle


As a non native English speaker. I just recently found out why ground beef is called ground beef. I was always like “yeah maybe it’s the foundation of beef, so it’s the ground”, like the basis. But only recently I realized it’s the past tense of “to grind” something. Now that makes sense! —shentoza


The division symbol ÷ is just a fraction. The two dots represent numbers. —der3009