Parents struggle with a lot of stuff, but sometimes their childless friends can’t cut them any slack. A debate over what a guy was owed after someone’s kid cost them a lot of cash was started on the subreddit r/AmItheA–hole, posted by u/business_sock4 under the title, “AITA For Wanting Friend To Pay For New Phone After Her Daughter Broke Mine?”

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The man is only 19-years-old and was going to a BBQ with a number of other people around his age. One of them, Kat, had a one-year-old, who she was supposed to be keeping an eagle eye on because of the nearby pool.

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At a certain point, OP was helping take food from the kitchen out to the grill, and returned to find a disaster:

We found that Kat’s daughter had gotten onto the table and made a hell of a mess, including throwing my phone onto the patio, which smashed it. Kat, meanwhile, had been talking to one of Jen’s sisters, oblivious to what her daughter was doing, apparently having expected another one of our friends (18m) to supervise her.

I confronted Kat about the damage done to my phone as it had had juice poured over it and was clearly broken, and told her that I’d expect her to buy me a new one. Kat apologised on her daughter’s behalf but thought that this was unfair. My parents agree that I should not be expected to buy a new phone when someone else’s child damaged it and had Kat been properly supervising her daughter, this wouldn’t have happened.

However, I do see why Kat and some of our friends may see me as TA here as I should have taken my phone with me and it is a lot of money to expect as compensation.

Look, it’s entirely possible Kat can’t afford to buy a brand new phone, and that’s why she’s digging her heels in here. But most of the commenters said that all parents should understand that when their kid breaks something, it becomes their responsibility, especially when you were supposed to be watching them:

A ruling on AITA does not really translate into real-life most of the time, so I suspect he’ll be waiting on that new phone for a while. Maybe when the toddler is old enough to get a summer job?

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*First Published: July 21, 2021, 9:57 am