Tomi Lahren’s New Athleisure Line Has Become The Butt Of A Delightful Joke

Tomi Lahren basically clings to relevance by saying and doing things that are so stupid that even other conservatives find her embarrassing, like trying to slut-shame presidential candidates. She still has a following, which really says something about the world we live in today. So does the fact that she has just started an athleisure line, a word that composites athleticism and leisure, and it will probably sell.

Lahren announced her new leggings line on Instagram. It’s called “Freedom” which sounds a new type of menstrual cup. Or an adult diaper brand. And yes, it’s ugly as hell.

But the most hilarious part is probably Lahren’s caption on her announcement. She wrote:

Some have told me I’m too “controversial” to have an athleisure line, that conservatives should just stick to politics and Trump cheerleading. My response? Watch me.

What is going on in this woman’s mind? She certainly has gotten a lot of push back on her terrible ideas, both online and in real life. It seems very doubtful that this pushback included the phrase “And don’t you dare start an athleisure line!”

It seems much more likely that people told her to get OUT of politics and STOP with the Trump cheerleading. It also seems more likely that folks are concerned about the dangers posed by Lahren’s ‘Carrywear’ line, which includes a handy pocket which women are encouraged to use as a gun holster.

People are really enjoying the absurdity of Lahren’s announcement because it’s a phrase that they themselves can use. And meme.

I have some bad news Tammy: this athleisure line may be the least controversial thing you’ve ever done. Everyone is really enjoying it.