Tomi Lahren Tried to Slut-Shame Kamala Harris And Ended Up Eating Her Words

The Democratic debates are always a good jumping-off point for conversation. Watching them encourages people to talk about public policy, the direction of the country, even potential revolutionary changes in healthcare and standards of living. Or, if you’re a conservative Republican, you can use the debates to make yourself look like a jackass online.

Talking blonde head Tomi Lahren decided to embarrass herself on Twitter with a retrograde comment about presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.


Mediaite reports that Harris once dated Willie Brown, the former Mayor of San Francisco. It doesn’t seem like it was some secret, it was a relationship between two people who both worked in public service. Lahren, however, decided that accusing Harris of “sleeping her way to the top” was an appropriate reminder of that connection.

This is such a gross thing to say that even other Fox News hosts noticed, like Kat Timpf, Janice Dean, and Britt McHenry.

They all responded to Lahren’s tweet, asking why on Earth she would say such a thing when men are basically always trying to shame women for any hint of sexuality.

They also commented on the double standard of how a man saying something similar would be treated. Yes, please, think of the men in all this!

All great points, though they do all work for Fox News, so they’ve probably seen worse.

Lahren didn’t seem to address anyone’s comments directly, but she did eventually apologize.


“I apologize for my comment on Kamala’s personal relationship. It was the wrong choice of words. There are many other things to take her to task for and I will stick to those,” she wrote.

Obviously, people outside of Lahren’s sphere of influence and interest were also disgusted with her, and expressed that on Twitter:

Lahren hasn’t yet deleted her outrageous tweet, despite her apology. One has to wonder if she truly feels any shame over the matter. Or maybe… maybe she just wants attention?

We see you, Tammy.