Alex Bozarjian and Tommy Callaway

Turns Out That Runner Who Groped A Reporter On Live TV Is A Local Youth Minister

After a marathon runner sexually assaulted a reporter by slapping her on the butt as he ran by, people were able to identify him by his runner number using photos from other parts of the race and found that he is both a Pittman Park UMC youth group minister and a Boy Scout leader. Tommy Callaway of Savannah, Georgia quickly took down his social media accounts and got himself a lawyer after he was identified and has said that he wants to “correct the situation.”

WSAV-TV anchor Alex Bozarjian expressed shock and horror after Callaway committed the act of sexual assault while she was reporting on the Savannah Bridge Run 10K. Later Saturday, she posted a tweet directly addressing him, saying that he “violated, objectified, and embarrassed” her.

Callaway has been permanently banned from participating in the Savannah Bridge Run 10K in the future after Savannah Sports Council Director Robert Wells commented calling the assault “100% unacceptable.” Bozarjian also filed a police report but is leaving it to the police to decide whether to press charges, according to the New York Post.

“I think what is most important here is he took my power, and I’m trying to take that back,” she said. “I want to take my time with that.”

Pedestrians sexually harassing and assaulting female reporters has been a chronic problem across the world, from a reporter being kissed by a man without consent while covering a Kentucky music festival last September to multiple reporters enduring assault during the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Women are entirely fed up with it.

Callaway’s lawyer made some predictable statements defending him, but they’re not worth repeating. Good men don’t sexually assault random women.