Trans Teen’s Friends Surprise Him With Money To Change His Name On His Birthday

Surprise parties aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this viral video of a birthday surprise for a teen named Andi might make everyone converts to the practice. The video was shared by Twitter user @komahina_, but originated on TikTok, as most good tweets these days do. The story of the video is that Andi was surprised by his classmates in what seems to be a music room at school. It’s his 18th, which is a big day for adulthood, and Andi’s friends gave him a pretty big present: they raised the money to help him legally change his name.

Andi is trans, and while he may be called by his chosen name by friends or family, it can be a very expensive process to do legally. It’s also an important process, and offers Andi’s identity more legal protection and allows him to carry idea with his name and do all sorts of other things, like apply for jobs, housing, loans, to colleges, etc., using that name. His reaction to the reveal says it all:

So many people were moved by the gesture Andi’s friends made. The comments are full of people who are celebrating Andi and this moment of support.

It’s been retweeted over a hundred thousand times:

The video’s popularity found its way back to Andi, who even created a Twitter account just to communicate with all his new fans:

There are some people who don’t understand the video, or who are misgendering Andi in the thread. The world has a long way to go when it comes to trans rights and understanding the complications facing a young trans kid who doesn’t necessarily have parents at home supporting their transition.

But Andi’s story seems to have also reach people who want to understand and are listening:

This is the wholesome content we need. Happy Birthday, Andi!