Trevor Noah Trolls Trump With Hilarious Full-Page Legal Ad And Voter Drive

Trevor Noah is trolling President Trump in a big way: in some of the President’s favorite purveyors of “fake news”The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times. The host of The Daily Show took out space for a hilarious ad that hits directly at Trump.

“Are you a soon-to-be-ex-President? About to lose legal immunity? Has your lawyer gone to jail? Call the very fine people on YOUR side,” says the ad, which also features a very legal-looking picture of Noah and the cast of The Daily Show.

“We can defend you against: corruption, mega-corruption, emoluments (we know what that is!), shady rich guy tax stuff, obstruction of justice (same price for multiple counts!), you told people to inject bleach for some reason, mail murder.”

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Also featured on the ad? A phone number you can call that leads to an actual message:

“Hello, Mr. President. I’m Trevor Noah, managing partner of Trevor Noah and Associates and Sons. Have you ever been to Uganda, sir? It’s a beautiful country with a strong goat-based economy. And most important, it does not extradite to the United States. At any time on or before January 20th, 2021, I can transport you and any members of your family you actually like to Uganda. I can provide the service for, I don’t know, $10 million. Let me know. Oh, and if you made a mistake, and you’re not actually the president, press or say two now. Otherwise, goodbye, Mr. President.”

If you press two, it will take you to a message with information on where to make sure you’re registered to vote in the upcoming election.

“Congratulations on not being the president! If you do not need a lawyer specializing in president crime, why not visit to make sure that you’ve registered to vote in the election? That’s right. This is a public service announcement. Gotcha! Anyway, please check your voter registration and make a plan to vote. Goodbye.”

By the way, are you registered to vote? You should check that out NOW.