Donald Trump with a weather map altered with marker showing Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama

Trump Appears To Have Altered A Weather Map To Back Up False Claim Dorian Will Hit Alabama

Meteorologists and most others were stunned today to find that Donald Trump used a weather map that appears to have a fake extension of the predicted path of Hurricane Dorian possibly drawn in with black marker after insisting that the hurricane would hit Alabama.

“Certified Broadcast Meteorologist” Ryan Breton quickly noticed the doctored map in part because “that’s not how forecast cones are drawn.”

Trump pulled out the clearly altered map during an Oval Office briefing today, though it’s unclear whether he himself drew the extra bubble or if it was a staffer. For some reason, Trump seems to be absolutely unable to let this particular mistake go, repeating the claim even after a reporter pointed out that the map he used was clearly edited. When pressed, he repeatedly said “I don’t know,” which might be one of the most honest things he’s said in a while.

This would just be yet another bizarre chapter in an utter circus of a presidency if it weren’t for the fact that Trump is scaring millions of people within the state of Alabama and could cause them to flee their homes unnecessarily, disrupting lives and businesses. The National Weather Service of Birmingham has already had to tweet a correction to Trump’s statement to try and quell fears while the President has continued to press a pointless false narrative.

The next day, Trump doubled down on the false claim on Twitter, attacking ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Is this the best use of the President’s time?

Whatever the reason for this obsession, it has at least created fertile ground for some pretty hilarious jokes.

Others have pointed out that altering official weather maps to make false reports is actually a crime.

Just add it to his crime tab for when he’s kicked out of office. Or dragged, as the case may be.