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Trump Vents At Apple For Ditching The Home Button Two Years Too Late

Here it is, a true case of a broken clock being right twice a day. That saying might not make sense anymore, because everyone uses iPhones instead of clocks these days, including Donald Trump, it would seem. I would have pegged him as an Android guy, but I guess he always wants the most expensive thing. The president took some time out from tweeting unnecessarily racist self-defense against impeachment inquiries to really lay into the CEO of Apple for the iPhone’s redesign.

“To Tim: The Button on the iPhone was FAR better than the Swipe!,” he wrote. This begs the question—does the president think Twitter is like email or texting? Or has Tim Cook blocked his number?

If you’re unfamiliar with the iPhone’s gradual transformation, it initially was built with a button that you could push to get back to the home screen. In 2017, Apple released the iPhone X, which had done away with the button. Instead, users have to swipe their fingers around the screen. It’s more complicated for no reason, which is the motto of tech.

Look. I never thought I’d say this. But Donald Trump is right.

Trump is no Apple Genius, but he certainly has lots of opinions about the product. He’s tweeted about the company and its merch many times, mostly focused on the size of the screen:

I think what Trump wants is…a computer? Just kidding. It’s easy to make fun of Trump and his struggle with the home button. So let’s read some tweets of people making fun of him:

Don’t give in, Mr. Cook, even if the rest of us suffer. It’s possible that the lack of the home button is the only thing slowing down his tweeting at all.