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Trump Rages At Fox News After They Report On Jeffrey Epstein Story

Donald Trump attacked Fox News on Twitter again over the weekend, calling it worse than CNN and slamming his former best buddies for acting like an actual news network by sourcing from The New York Times.

The president’s latest anti-Fox News tweet rant came shortly after the network began reporting on the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, known billionaire pedophile who has been accused of running a sex trafficking ring and who has clear connections to Trump.

It takes Trump at least three tweets to attack Fox News because he keeps getting distracted by how much he hates every other news outlet.

According to HuffPost, theTimes article Trump was referring to may have been the Sunday report on a Texas detention center for migrant children (also known as a concentration camp) that has been found to be an overcrowded hell hole with rampant illness and hunger.

What’s worse, being responsible for concentration camps or being involved in a human trafficking ring? It also could have been the live broadcast at a sports bar after the U.S. women won the World Cup, which Fox News was surprised to find was not full of Trump fans.

Trump is also upset that Fox News gave Donna Brazile, a Democrat, a job (presumably so they can continue to claim to be a news network and not just a conservative yelling machine).

So he hates Brazile, but he thinks the weekend anchors who “go after her big time” are “terrible”? This is confusing even for you, Donald.

Then again, nothing gets people more excited than a good “trouble in paradise” story.