Trump Gets Loudly Booed Again, This Time At A UFC Fight

At Game 5 of the World Series, Donald Trump was booed by an entire stadium of people after he popped up on the Jumbotron with his lackeys and animatronic wife. The stadium was in Washington D.C., where Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by a landslide and probably has a lot of enemies. There was a lot of hand wringing about public decency amongst the “civiliity”-loving set, like the hosts of Morning Joe. Many people claimed that the office of the Presidency deserves respect, regardless of the person who holds that office.

So it’s a bit strange that Trump’s camp decided to make his next public appearance at a UFC event, the Ultimate Fighting Championship match Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, known best for rowdy crowds and tasteless performances. I don’t mean that as an insult, I think the UFC likes to have fun, and that means saying and doing crazy stuff. Trump knows that, too. He’s appeared at various staged wrestling events, before his election, and must be familiar with the atmosphere. He clearly expected that the crowd would love him, because UFC voters must be MAGA heads, right?

They booed him to hell.

There definitely are some cheers mixed in here, and a few people have said that the reception was overwhelmingly positive, despite what can be clearly heard in the clip above. Like his sons. They’re pretty sure everyone was cheering FOR Trump, not against him:

Trump retweeted Donald Trump Jr. and the New York Post, according to CBS News, even though the Post used a photo of protestors who were gathered outside the arena. He must be really hard up for positive feedback.

Okay, let’s check it out from another angle:

Look, there’s only one way to figure out if Trump is popular. Let’s keep sending him into sports arenas full of people who have been drinking for hours and see how things escalate. He’ll have to actually face his constituents for once, at the very least.