trump has a bug in his hair

Drop What You’re Doing And Watch This Fly Crawl Through Trump’s Hair During A Speech

Donald Trump’s hair is frequently compared to a rat’s nest. However, during a speech in Virginia, it was an insect and not a rat that was spotted crawling through his combover.

Maybe all the Aqua Net lured him in?

Trump was in Jamestown, Virginia to commemorate the 400th anniversary of democracy in America. The insect, which is most likely a fly, hung around for about a minute and stole the spotlight from the infamously narcissistic president.

Twitter users took the opportunity to come up with a plethora of bug-related jokes, and we are here for all of them.

There are references to Russian spies:

“He was right about being bugged after all”

And some depressing spiritual fare.

That’s no bug. His soul has escaped its crumbling vessel.

— James Kindred (@Sketchybear) July 30, 2019

Some scarily appropriate literary references — William Golding’s novel is about how power and tribalism corrupts and leads to total chaos, after all.

There was straight up horror.

And concerns over whether or not Trump was having trouble feeling the bug crawling on his skin due to an abundance of makeup.

Finally, there were timely references to Trump’s racist rant about Baltimore, in which he called the city “rat and rodent infested” and “disgusting.”

Here’s hoping the insect made it out of there alive. Godspeed, little guy!