Trump Rocky Balboa image with tweet suggesting it's not doctored

Trump Campaign Says There’s No “Evidence” The Rocky Balboa Photo Was Doctored

Convoluted trolling attempt or genuine gaslighting? The “Trump Team” Twitter account responded to a headline from the Washington Post about that disturbing image of the president’s head on Rocky Balboa’s body complaining that the outlet offered no “evidence” that the photo was altered from its original version. No, seriously.

On the one hand, this seems like it must be some sort of trolling. Obviously, the photo is mostly a well-known promo image from the iconic Rocky movies. And, obviously, Trump’s body doesn’t look like that. However, what joke is the Trump Team trying to make, exactly? All this tweet seems to do is remind people how ridiculous the Trump administration, campaign, and supporters are about the news media.

Donald Trump Jr. also got in on the maybe joke.

Is this supposed to be a jab at news media that uses anonymous sources? We may never know, and we probably have better things to think about.

The Trump Team later responded to headlines about their tweet suggesting that the photo wasn’t doctored with something at least a decade old by now.

The closest thing to a consensus seems to be that this is all some kind of joke or general attempt to “mess with” the media, as though they really have any choice but to report on what the President of the United States does. Especially considering the fact that Trump does absolutely absurd things all the time which are 100 percent serious.

Plus, trolling or not, the Mediate headline isn’t inaccurate, as many commenters pointed out.

Others are stuck on wondering what kind of humor this is and whether this is how the president should be spending his time.

Anyway, impeachment is still happening.