It’s been quite a morning for Donald Trump. First, he started his daily tweeting by quoting Wayne Allyn Root, another far-right talk show host and known conspiracy theorist, who not only called Trump “the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world,” he claimed that Jewish people love him “like he’s the King of Israel.”

That must have really gone to his head, because in the same morning, he told reporters outside the White House that he is “the Chosen One” while talking about his trade war with China, saying “somebody had to do it.”

If you’re not familiar with Bible stuff, you might be wondering how these two things are related and why “Antichrist” has been trending of Twitter. In Christian lore, the Antichrist will declare himself to be the King of Israel and the new Jesus, or place himself “above God,” depending on who you talk to.

Additionally, many Christian fans of the end-of-days canon believe that the apocalypse will be ushered in by the restoration of Israel and the return of the Jewish people to their homeland, which some believe means kicking out all the Muslims. And Israel has definitely been systematically kicking out the Palestinians, who are majority Muslim, which Trump has not even pretended to have a problem with during his unwavering support of Israel.

So to sum up, Trump is pro-Israel and anti-Muslim, thinks Jewish people need to be entirely “loyal” to Israel, called himself “the chosen one,” and retweeted a guy saying that the Jewish people “love him like he’s the King of Israel” and the “second coming of God.”

If you’re an apocalypse-enthusiastic Christian, by all logic this should lead you to conclude that Trump is the Antichrist. Has Jared Kushner finally unloaded the 666 Fifth Avenue building yet or are the Trumps still involved in that particular bit of real estate?

Of course, if you’re Jewish, you might just be confused.

As funny as this whole thing may seem, multiple rabbis have tweeted their alarm at Trump’s sharp turn into blatant and dangerous antisemitism.

This peak Messiah complex from Trump comes after he declared that Jewish individuals who vote for Democrats are “disloyal” to Israel, an antisemitic trope for which Republicans piled on Representative Ilhan Omar for allegedly bumping up against. He doubled down on this claim during the same statements that led him to declare himself “the chosen one.”

This is probably why Jewish people overwhelmingly voted against this guy.

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*First Published: August 21, 2019, 10:34 am