Trump on the White House lawn commenting on the anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939

Trump Congratulates Poland When Asked To Comment On WWII Anniversary

In another show of historical cluelessness, Donald Trump gave a vague congratulations when asked by a reporter to comment on the 80th anniversary of Nazi Germany invading Poland, crushing any opposition and resulting in the nation being annexed and divided among German and the Soviet Union in a five-year occupation period marred by brutal oppression and violence.

After for some reason talking about Mike Pence’s arrival, Trump skips over any mention of World War II to congratulate Poland for being great.

“I just want to congratulate Poland, it’s a great country with great people,” he says. “We also have many Polish people in our country. It could be eight million. We love our Polish friends and I will be there soon.”

Trump isn’t that far off. There are close to nine million people of Polish descent currently living in the U.S. However, it’s not great to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Poland by Nazis that sparked WWII by saying “congratulations.” Of course, when you don’t know anything about the history of the place you’re about to visit, you tend to come off like a kid giving a book report on a book he didn’t read when asked to comment about it.

But when you’re President of the U.S., people tend to notice.

Additionally, Trump would not “be there soon” because he canceled his trip to Poland, sending Pence instead, saying he needed to stay home and monitor Hurricane Dorian. Then he went golfing. Classy as ever, Mr. President.