Anyone can get the coronavirus. It’s just a fact. How well they’re treated afterwards, their ability to survive the financial strain of missed work and medical bills, and whether or not they even survive is connected a host of other variable, but the virus is very contagious, poorly contained, and being hushed up by the Trump administration—which means it’s EVERYWHERE. And that includes the Conservative Political Action Conference, where a man who tested positive for coronavirus was in proximity to Donald Trump.

CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp went on Fox & Friends to assure everyone that Trump was going to town on the Purell at the event, according to Raw Story. Schlapp touched the infected person and also touched Trump at some point, so infection is possible. But Schlapp rushed to assure everyone that the dangers were mitigated by hygiene.

“We had Purell and hand sanitizer stations—I think over 30 of then all over the conference,” Schlapp insisted. “I think everybody was scrubbing down all the time because they realized they were at a very big public event.”

He added, “I can tell you, when the president was on site at CPAC, he lives by what he tells us. Because I saw him scrubbing down his hands and clean his hands more than once while he was on the premises.”

While many people are being gleeful about a potential corona outbreak at CPAC, it should be noted that not everyone at that conference is a Trump supporter, or even wanted to be there. And even if they were, do they really deserve a virus that kills? IMHO, no, they don’t:

BUT if Trump or members of his administration did get the virus, it could force Trump to change how he’s talking about coronavirus and preparing for it. Right now, his policy seems to be denying that it’s spreading and preventing people from being tested to keep official numbers down, which is a danger to everyone:

It is wrong to hope anyone gets the coronavirus, but maybe a close call will snap Trump back into reality.

Yeah, right.

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*First Published: March 8, 2020, 9:34 am