Still from Curb Your Enthusiasm MAGA-hat episode

Donald Trump Misses The Point, Tweets Anti-MAGA “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Clip

Donald Trump is facing a fresh wave of mockery after tweeting out a clip from the comedy TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm that shows the main character using a “Make America Great Again” hat to avoid getting pounded by an angry biker. The clip, and the entire episode, are meant to be an indictment of Trump and his fans as Larry David uses the MAGA hat to get everyday people to leave him alone.

In the clip, he uses it to get a positive reaction from a man who’s about to assault him after David accidentally cuts him off. Trump shared it with the message: “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!”

To the average individual, the message is clear. If you’re having a problem with a bad person, such as a biker who hangs out in your blind spot and then cusses you out and threatens you when you accidentally cut them off, you can use a MAGA hat to signal that you’re one of them, and they’ll be nice to you instead.

Trump, apparently, saw the MAGA hat and the biker and his last two remaining brain cells made the association with his vague “tough guys for Trump” campaign. It honestly makes sense that he would see a biker about to beat up a skinny old man over a traffic faux pas and think “tough guy.”

It’s not going to be easy to twist this tweet into another “Trump’s trolling his critics” line, though his supporters will surely try. Meanwhile, everyone else is pointing out to him and the world that he clearly missed the point. Larry David himself is clearly not a fan of the president, indicating in no uncertain terms that he is glad to alienate the kind of people who unironically wear MAGA hats.

In the above interview, when asked if he was concerned about alienating Trump fans, he tells said fans to “alienate themselves” and gives them his “blessing” to do so, finishing with an enthusiastic “I could give a f***.”

Trump may or may not realize the truth after everyone in the world is done pointing it out to him.

Just another day in America.