Dan Rather And More Mock Trump For Raiding Defense Budget To Pay For His Wall

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has been promising he’d build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. It doesn’t matter how many times he is told that it won’t do anything much to stop illegal immigration, or that it will cut through communities that are mostly inhabited by his supporters, or that it’s not something either Mexico nor the U.S. can pay for—he is obsessed. And his first term (please, please let it be his last) is coming to a close without much progress on his dream.

Trump said that Mexico would eventually foot the bill for this project, which of course, they have refused to do. So Trump has resorted to other extremes, and his most recent money grab is particularly obscene. He declared a national emergency earlier this year so he could abscond with $3.6 billion from Pentagon funds.

HuffPost reports that this money was being used for projects like containing hazardous waste, repairing Navy ships and cyber-operations across the country, and take 400 million specifically from Puerto Rico, which is still recovering from Hurricane Maria in 2017. It was also money intended for education for the children of service members.

Journalist Dan Rather made an offhand comments about the situation on Twitter, and the complaints came rolling in:

“What’s that old saying? If at first you don’t succeed? Try, try again… (to get Mexico to pay for it? and then Congress? and then just raid legitimate military budgets?),” Rather wrote.

The sentiment is even starting to be popular across the aisle, as Republicans who backed Trump’s emergency motion realize they’ll be losing money for their own states. The Pentagon is approaching Congress to ask for replacement funds, which they say are imperative for the actual safety of the country, unlike this stupid wall.

Here’s how people expressed their frustration in response to Rather:

While I don’t think Trump will ever fully succeed in building the wall, I do think his project will be his legacy and it will involve a lot more destruction than construction.