Trump’s Social Security Disability Cuts Could Strip Thousands Of Benefits

There has been a lot going on lately, which is why President Trump’s proposal to tighten disability benefits has gone under the radar. The proposal, titled “Rules Regarding the Frequency and Notice of Continuing Disability Reviews,” was published in November and is just now getting attention, thanks to disability activists.

Below is the proposal’s summary:

“We propose to revise our regulations regarding when and how often we conduct continuing disability reviews (CDR), which are periodic reviews of eligibility required for benefit continuation. The proposed rules would add a category to the existing medical diary categories that we use to schedule CDRs and revise the criteria for assigning each of the medical diary categories to cases. The proposed rules would also change the frequency with which we perform a CDR for claims with the medical diary category for permanent impairments. The revised changes would ensure that we continue to maintain appropriate stewardship of the disability program and identify medical improvement (MI) at its earliest point.”

Plainly speaking, if the proposal goes into effect, people receiving disability benefits would be under much more scrutiny. It would add another category to the qualification list and increase the frequency of continuing disability reviews (CDR).

People who have been receiving benefits for years could have them taken away if they are determined non-eligible. What this means is thousands of Americans could have their benefits stripped away if this proposal passes.

On Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running for president in 2020, addressed the proposal in two tweets.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, another presidential candidate, addressed disability rights, and President Trump’s threat to them, in a twitter thread:

A few people pointed out it would cost almost as much to strip benefits as it would to continue giving people access to their current benefits.

Someone else highlighted that many United States veterans are recipients of disability benefits, contrasting President Trump’s support for the military.

In the United States, one in four people live with a disability. One in three people with a disability do not have a healthcare provider and one in three do not utilize healthcare services because it is too expensive.